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Professional Business Headshots Separate You From Your Competition.

Images Communicate Much More Than You Think About Your Business!

Employed or self-employed, professional headshots are crucial for projecting the right first impression. There's no doubt that in business marketing, images make the difference.

Research tells us that:

  • the lack of images makes a business appear cold and uninteresting;
  • the lack of images of people makes a business appear unfriendly and unapproachable.

Therefore, it is vital to realise how important photography is for the success of your business.

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Perception is Key!

"We  have photos of our staff on the website. Ok, they're not the best but, they were cheap and does it really matter anyway?"

Does anyone really think like that today? This is all too common a misconception and you'll never know about the business you're missing out on because of using substandard images.

Let's consider the quality of the photographs you currently use:

What impression do people get when viewing your current headshots? Consider, also, how it  affects staff morale; many people have told us how a substandard photograph makes them unhappy knowing how they appear online.

Perception is indeed key, we all know people buy on emotions and this includes how your headshots make people feel. This list details some client perceptions they form after viewing your headshots:

  • professionalism;
  • business status;
  • looking the part (whatever your profession);
  • trustworthiness;
  • friendliness;
  • reliability;
  • approachable.

Knowing this, we can reinforce, positively, these  bullet points above in your favour. So, if you want to build business relationships with other companies, and consumers, we should be talking to each other.

A Selection of Headshot Images

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